welcome to LEVIN DECOR

When fashion becomes style it gets the fame. Levin decorative laminates stands first to hand out the best and beautiful. LEVIN DECOR LLP has endeavor into the world of laminates under the Brand name of LEVIN that deals with regular 1mm, ULTIMA that produces our premium range of 1mm and 1.25mm laminates, ELITE that manufactures 0.8mm, and DOORVIN that looks after the door skins. Over the 12 tangible years, we have been in this industry and growing with seven colors. We look forward to entering in the international market with the international standards. To impart more finesse and precision to its striking product range, company keeps reinventing its processors and invests a lot in better resources in terms of both machines and manpower. At Levin laminates, manpower is valued as the most important asset and thus to keep them in sound health, company is making sure to provide them the most hygienic, pollution free working ambiance where they can thrive with energy and vibrancy.


Unleash your limitations

The world of comfort lies far beyond the world of concrete and bricks. Because you deserve the best of your dreams, visualizations and desires; we have the best of the creativity, expressions and style statement for you. A house is merely a building unless it’s filled with memories and family. And so is a ply just a piece of wood unless it’s created with love, warmth and unmatched beauty. Our over the years’ experience fetches from the seven worlds exactly what you deserve. Not only our customers but our clients and designers have received our products well with love. The Levin products are as classical as castles though as modern as market trends.

Our Vision

We have committed ourselves to uphold the world-class standards, to practice being customer focused and to showcase the continuous innovation through the technology in our laminates. We henceforth are bound to present the best quality products. Our sole vision remains to continue giving the best quality products to our clients.

Our Mission

We foresee to design, manufacture and sell lamination of the supreme quality, affordable price and decorative designs. We further ambition to continue growing our business with the due deep respect to the people who live on the earth. Our foremost mission is to provide the world with the canvas of choice to celebrate self expression

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