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Levin Décor endeavors your dreams into destination. We have set the benchmark for creating unique piece of art and have delivered designs of excellent quality for over a decade. Decorative laminates under our brand are perfect example of luxury and simplicity; we provide variety of products for you to pick the best design that compliments your style. Levin acknowledges the dynamics of changing trends and preferences of our customers and hence the products launched are combined with cotemporary and futuristic approach.

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Aesthetic laminate designs has always been a statement of sobriety and elegance. Our product accentuates the beauty of a space it’s placed in, laminates on minimal furniture enhances entire ambience. Our chic designs are ravishingly versatile; they are best suited for modern and colorful interiors of homes, showrooms, offices etcetera.

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Do you ever get baffled while looking at designs online, thinking how that will really look in your space? Explore the various kinds of designs with our visual gallery; imagine your space virtually with one click.

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You will find yourself in paradox of choice once you explore through the wide range of laminates, experience the spectrum of texture, colors and quality. There is an ease in our laminates- a stillness that resonates the feeling of openness and light to your interiors.
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We’ve collected some impotand answers which will help to improve your understanding about the laminates.

What are decorative laminates?
Decorative laminates are surfacing materials that can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of furniture and walls. Along with appeal, decorative laminates feature properties that make them durable, sturdy, and easy-to-maintain.
How do you clean and maintain laminated surfaces?
Laminates are inherently low maintenance and very minimal upkeep is required to ensure they look brand new for a long time. Dust the laminated surface with a microfiber cloth once or twice a week to keep it clean. If you want a thorough sanitization, use a damp cloth and a mild cleaner. Avoid heavily chlorinated, acidic or alkaline products. Never use abrasive materials like steel scrubbers on laminates.
What is the average lifespan of laminate sheet?
The lifespan of high- quality laminate is usually more than a decade. Properties such as fire and abrasion resistance make HPL sheets last longer than expected. The exact lifespan of an HPL sheet, however, largely depends upon the application. Generally speaking, HPL sheets are known for their durability, which explains their increasing adoption in large scale commercial projects where value and longevity are of the essence.
Why to choose laminate flooring over hardwood flooring?
Because of price aspects. Laminate flooring is typically half the cost of traditional hardwood flooring. Sometimes the savings are even greater, depending on the type of flooring in question. And with recent innovations in technology, laminates look more and more like real wood. Laminate is easier to install than solid hardwood. With a laminate you won’t need nails and/or glue, as is the case with newer laminate locking systems. Therefore installation happens fast, in way less time than solid hardwoods can be installed and your finished floor will be scratch- and faderesistant, two areas where solid hardwood is known to be more vulnerable.
What do you mean by anti bacterial laminates?
Antibacterial laminates are hygienic surface solutions that have been specially designed for areas that might need supreme cleanliness & performance like the kitchen, bathrooms, hospital rooms, hotels receptions and so on. These particles are by nature, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and antibacterial and antiviral. The highly activated and energized nano-particles physically rupture and kill microbes that come in contact with it through contact killing mechanism, keeping the surface always safe and hygienic.

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In today's fast moving world, designs needs to make sure that the balance between authenticity and modernity is intact. With 600+ beautifully crafted products, Levin ensures the Innovativeness and Vision never gets worn out. Get ready to deep dive into mystical collection of decorative laminates.


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